10 Important Questions


1. What is different about Ed Cuming Construction, Inc.?

We only choose a few projects a year. Ed Cuming personally heads up and works on each

project along with the best sub-contractors. We are passionate about quality, keeping the

project on schedule and holding to the budget. We see ourselves as “partners” with our clients

and insist on regular communications to ensure things flow smoothly.


2. What kinds of projects do you do?

Ed is a custom builder, specializing in major home remodels and building custom homes from

the ground up.


3. How do we determine the timeline of my project? How does Ed Cuming Construction, Inc.

keep a project moving forward?

Every project is different. Once we determine the scope of the project, and the timing needs of

the client, our time line can be laid out and a target completion date can be agreed upon.

We keep projects moving forward and on schedule by being proactive about ordering materials,

coordinating subcontractors, and confirming required inspections. In addition, we stay on

schedule by communicating frequently with our clients.  We have regular, pre-planned meetings

to go over progress and next steps. Needed decisions are made as we go so we can minimize delays.


4. How is the cost of my project determined?

Of course the price of any project depends on many factors, including its size, complexity, and

material selection. ECC prices are competitive and fair.

Once we have the final plans, we calculate the budget for your project. As we work through the

plans, you will have the opportunity to decide about many features that will make yours a truly

custom home. There can be great variability in the costs of these features, and ECC will guide

you to the best decisions.

Once we begin work on your home, you may see opportunities to improve upon certain

elements of the plan. During our regular meetings, we can anticipate these and adjust as

needed. If there are other opportunities to improve the project that are associated with

additional expense (special materials or fixtures, higher quality finishes, etc.), we will always

discuss these additional costs and agree prior to proceeding. You are in control of the budget.


5. When is payment due?

We provide a milestone sheet, also known as a progress payment sheet, which breaks down the

project with a payment schedule. Once each phase is complete—and approved by the

client—an invoice is prepared and payment is due. If bank financing is involved, this progress

payment sheet is also approved by the bank prior to our beginning the project.


6. What if something unexpected comes up?

Surprises can happen. If this occurs, ECC utilizes a pro-active and problem-solving approach to

the issue at hand. The goal is to provide a workable solution to the challenge, while still

remaining true to the project. To this end, ECC and the client will work together to solve and

ECC will  immediately notify the client if a challenge occurs. Using our pro-active

philosophy, ECC and the client will keep the project’s momentum moving forward.


7. How can we be sure that every ECC sub-contractor is licensed and bonded?

All sub-contractors chosen by ECC to work on your project are licensed and bonded. Copies of

their documentation will be made available to you upon request.

Ed Cuming’s license number is 929026.


8. Can ECC help me find an architect?

Yes! We have worked with many of the best architects in San Luis Obispo county. Ed would be

happy to refer an architect that fits best with you and your project.


9. As the general contractor, how will you be involved in my project?

I am directly involved with every project because this is what I love to do. My philosophy is to

be a hands-on, active, on-site contractor. You will see me frequently. I will be involved in all

decisions and details with your project.


10. What other resources are available to help me find out more about Ed Cuming


Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/ed-cuming-construction-inc-arroyo-grande

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edcuming-724a3727

Website: www.eccustomhomes.com

Testimonials: https://eccustomhomes.com/testimonials/