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Ed, and his crew understand that your project is your home~ it is not only an investment, it is a place to grow, gather and enjoy.

As a member of AIA, ECC knows the importance of strong ties with the professional community of architects, sub contractors and designers.

Our focus will be to manage budgets, timelines, and most importantly your expectations.Our business continues to thrive only if your experience with us is one you want to share.

Whether it is a new house, a major remodel, a commercial or tenant improvement project or the need for an updated kitchen, ECC is there to assist you. Your satisfaction during all phases of the project is our goal.






“A Note from Ed Cuming”

I love my work.  I select jobs that give me the satisfaction of building a wonderful home or remodel and working with great clients.   Before I take on any project, I get to know the clients to be sure we are a great fit.  I see  all my clients as “partners.”   The clients provide the financing and the vision, and I provide the expertise, guidance, passion and the results.

I want my clients to be actively involved.  My job is to bring the project to life, ensuring quality every step of the way, keeping a close eye on the budget, and keeping things on schedule.  I am personally involved from beginning to end.  Communication is the key to a successful working relationship.  I always respond  promptly to clients’ questions, and we meet on a pre-planned schedule to review progress and make decisions about next steps.

I look forward to getting to know you and having a wonderful adventure together.

—Ed Cuming

Photograph care of  Vanessa Plakias, copyright 2013

Check Out Some of the Beautiful Work Ed and his Crew have enjoyed being a part of over the years:

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